Uji is a small city located between Kyoto and Nara. Because of being situated between these two famous cultural cities, resulted in Uji’s own cultural and historical development.

When we visited Uji this time we were situated in Kyoto and so we decided to have a little excursion with our JR passes. The passes allow us to travel on any JR train line as much as we like within the dates purchased, so cost effective if travelling around a lot. There is a 7, 14 & 21 day pass available which is only offered to foreign tourists and is purchased in advance. Once purchased you receive a voucher which you then exchange at a JR station once in Japan.

Having our JR passes meant we did not need to purchase tickets saving time, so we navigated Kyoto station to our platform for the Nara line. From Kyoto Station to Uji Station there were 7 stops and the journey took only 30 minutes. 

Byodoin_Temple 4

Some of the Uji Sites We have Visited

Uji Temple
Byodoin Temple
Ujigami Shrine