Okayama is the capital city of Okayama Prefecture and the second largest city in the Chugoku Region, with Hiroshima city being the largest. Okayama city is an important transportation hub, being the location where the Sanyo Shinkansen meets with the only rail connection to Shikoku island.

…Shinkoku island is one of Japans four main islands, with the other three islands being Hokkaido in the far north, Honshu, and Kyushi in the far south. Honshu is Japan’s biggest main island with the likes of Tokyo and Okayama being located there. Japan is long country and is actually made up of almost 7000 islands, the smaller islands tend to be off the beaten track and others like Okinawa are popular tropical getaways! Most of these smaller islands are only accessible by plane or ferry... 

Using the Shinkansen, Okayama Station is only 48 minutes away from Shin-Osaka Station, and is 3hours 17 minutes from Tokyo Station, and 1 hour from Hiroshima Station. 


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Okayama Castle_2

The city developed as a castle town during the Edo Period, which is 1603 to 1867, and so became a significant powerful city for the area. The city’s castle is situated across from Okayama’s most famous attraction, the Korakuen Garden, which is ranked as one of the three best landscape gardens in Japan.  Okayama also serves as the location of the popular legendary tale of Momotaro, or The Peach Boy…many references of this tale can be seen and noticed around the city.  The story of Momotaro is thought to date back to the Muromachi Period (1392 – 1573) and thought to have first been written down in the Edo period (1603- 1867). The story is quite long, but in summary the tale is about a poor, elderly couple discovering a large peach, with a child inside they had always desired, of which he had been given by the Gods, and so they named him Momotaro (Peach Boy). As he grew up, he vowed to protect his village and so fought a band of demons and monsters, who terrorised the people, and so become a great hero.

Also, some may release that Okayama is also famous among us Koi Keepers for Momotaro Koi Farm! 


Some of the Okayama Sites We have Visited

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Korakuen Garden
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Okayama Castle