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We created this website as a portfolio of locations we have travelled to in Japan and to share our articles and photos. We have visited Japan many times over the years and have a dream of guiding in the future. 

About Us

Our Travels In Japan

This website is a portfolio of locations we have travelled to in Japan, hope you enjoy...

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Why we Travel to Japan

our Passion for Nishikigoi 

visiting Koi Breeders is a Privilege, but how many have had the opportunity to see what else Japan has to offer.

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About Us

Our love for Japan all started with our passion for keeping, growing and showing Japanese Koi Carp 'Nishikigoi'. We have been keeping koi since 2003, with this being the initial reason why we first visited Japan in 2006 to visit the Nishikigoi breeders. Since then and most recently we have travelled around Japan every year to visit the heritage sites, gardens and Nishikigoi breeders.  

We both enjoy the adventure of exploring the sites Japan has to offer.

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The other Reason 

We Travel to Japan! 

Wakai Trees Ltd.

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Our other Passion...

As well as being passionate about Nishikigoi, we are also passionate about Japanese pine trees, as we love the different styles of Japanese gardens. 

But a few years back we found we could not purchase young Japanese pine trees back here in the UK.  Certainly not young trees to grow, develop and style for our Japanese themed garden so we purchased a few seeds from Japan and over the last few years we have developed and perfected how to germinate and grow these seedlings here in the UK based on our climate.  

And so Wakai Trees Ltd was born!

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