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Hello and welcome to our website…Japan Guiding.                                       

We are farther and son Stephen and Anthony Grey and have been visiting Japan since 2006.                                                                                     

We are passionate about Nishikigoi ‘Koi’ and have been keeping koi since 2003.  We have been showing our koi at the highest level and have won many major awards. Anthony is also a fully qualified Koi judge having trained with the British Koi Keepers Judging Standards Committee (JSC) being part of the programme since 2015 and was one of the youngest member to achieve full status Judge with many accolades.  

National Koi Show

As mentioned, we have been visiting Japan’s famous Koi breeders since 2006 and have been visited Japan ever since.  Our other love of Japan is visiting Japan’s famous world heritage sites, we extensively explore the many heritages cultural and natural sites ranging from Japan’s castles, temples, shrines, Its famous gardens, and bonsai farms!

One of our koi - Kohaku

Please find our other articles in the 'Location' section of the website.

Takamatsu Ritsurin Koen Garden

Keeping koi is why we initially visited Japan to visit the many famous Koi breeders and their farms traveling all around the Niigata prefecture and the Southern Japan breeders.                                               

Our Koi Pond
About us Harvest

We just love the Japanese culture and cuisine, but its our love for their famous gardens and the landscape of their Japanese Pine Trees, which we have turned into a successful business ‘Wakai Trees’ germinating and growing Japanese Pines here in the UK.  Please check out our other website www.wakaitrees.co.uk

Wakai Trees Ltd

We also travel to the many Bonsai areas such as Takamatsu visiting the many bonsai farmers.  

Takamatsu Bonsai Farm

We have a dream of guiding in the future. So, whether you are interested in Koi, bonsai, Japan’s heritage sites and famous gardens and you are thinking about traveling to Japan, but unsure where to go or apprehensive about traveling around then why not ask us to guide you!                                                                                                                                                        

We hope you enjoy our site,                                                                                  

Kind Regards

Stephen & Anthony Grey 

Some of our koi photo's above are courtesy of                                      World of Nishikigoi Magazine.