Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Nara Park is combination of green land and woodland that spreads east into the hill side. One of the shrines we wanted to visit, and view was Kasuga Taisha, starting at the bottom end of the Nara Park, the shrines was situated about 20mins into the wooded hillside. We walked along a steadily climbing path through the wooded area, where there were many dear roaming freely eventually coming to a Torii gate and the start of the shrine’s grounds. Most noticeably were the many lanterns that were situated both side of the paths, which was amazing site too see and quite rare to see so many in one spot! Kasuga Taisha is famous of its many lanterns the lead to the shrine and situated along the paths that surround it. The lanterns have been donated by worshipers over the many years and are only lit twice a year during two lantern festivals. 

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Established at the same time at the capital, the Kasuga Taisha is Nara’s most celebrated shrine. The shrine was founded by the Fujiwara family, which were Japan’s most powerful family clan during most of the Nara and Heian periods. Periodically every 20 years the shrine was rebuilt, of which this tradition was continued through the centuries until end of the Edo Period when the tradition was discontinued. 

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Also, on the shrines grounds there is a museum that is a treasure hall and displays some of the shrines relics, the admission for the museum is 500 yen (£3.45). 

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After a pleasant walk up into the hillside, we came to the Kasuga Taisha shrine, which lies in the hillside in a deeply wooded setting, with the striking shrine jumping out from its wooded backdrop that surround it. 

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The shrines offering hall is free of charge to enter and provides a great view of the stunning shrine, we didn’t on this occasion, but the inner area of the shine can also be entered for a small fee, which provides a closer view of the shrines inner buildings. 

Kasuga Taisha Shrine_Smaller Shrines_1

After vising the Kasuga Taisha shrine continued walking along the lantern lined path where there are many smaller shrines located in the woods surrounding the main complex. Twelve of the small shrines are dedicated to the twelve lucky gods, many of which are an important cultural property. 

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The woodland setting the Kasuga Taisha shrine complex located was quite unusually compared to most shrines and temples we had been to, making it really enjoyable. 

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