There are multiple ways to reach Hiroshima. The best being by Shinkansen (bullet train), which from Kansai Airport via Shin-Osaka Station to Hiroshima Station takes 2 hours and 50 mins, and from Tokyo Station to Hiroshima Station taking 4 hours. When we visited Hiroshima, we travelled from Okayama, which is only 40mins away by Shinkansen. 

A-Bomb Dome-City Landscape
Shukkeien Garden_18
Shinkansen (bullet train)

Hiroshima is the main city of the Chugoku Region and home to over a million inhabitants.

As many know worldwide, the city unfortunately has a recent destructive and devastating past, with it being the first to have an atomic bomb dropped over it on August 6th, 1945 at 8:15am, during the second world war…of which it obliterated nearly everything with a 1.3-mile radius. It was predicted that the city would be uninhabitable, but of course this proved false and after the war, great efforts were taken to rebuild the city.  Historical heritage sites and monuments that were also destroyed have been reconstructed, such as Hiroshima Castle and the Shukkeien Garden, which we will cover later in the article. Within the centre of the city a large peace memorial park was constructed that would reflect the aspirations of the re-born city. 

Today, apart from some reminders, you would never know such a horrific disaster had occurred! It is quite amazing!

Outside the city, Hiroshima prefecture is of course well known for its famous koi breeders!  

If your visiting Japan Hiroshima has to be one of the places to visit, it amazes me how many koi hobbyist we have spoken to that have visited Southern Japan and yet have not visited Hiroshima City.

Some of the Hiroshima Sites We have Visited

A-Bomb Dome crop
Peace Memorial Park
Hiroshima Castle crop
Hiroshima Castle
Miyajima Island
Shukkeien Garden_15 crop
Shukkeien Garden